Youthfest Apostle Nomination and Registration



Nomination Process:

1. Candidate Nomination 


2. Notification of receipt of Nomination


4. Notification of Acceptance to Youthfest Apostles

5. Final Registration 


1. Candidate Nomination: Youth Leader or Pastor nominates a teen they believe would benefit from and contribute to the Apostle and Youthfest event experiences. To nominate a teen, simply complete the form below and submit. 


Candidate Qualifications: Nominations will be considered if the Apostle candidate meets the following criteria and qualifications:


Current High School Student

Able to attend the Prep Retreat (4/22, 9:30am-7:30pm) and Youthfest (5/6, 8am-6:30pm)

Excited to participate and desires to serve others at Youthfest

Sets a good example for peers in life and in service to the Church

Parent/Guardian supports their participation


Deadline for Nominations: Friday, March 24th.

Spots are limited: If there are more quailified applicants than available spots, the following will be considered in the final decision:


Those who have attended Youthfest before

Date nomination was received. Get your nominations in early!


2. Receipt of Nomination: Notification of receipt of the nomination will be emailed to the parent/guardian of the candidate and to the Youth Leader or Pastor who nominated the teen. 

3. Notification of Acceptance: Announcements will be made on Friday, 3/31. Notifications will be emailed to the nominating youth leader or pastor and to the parent/guardian to be shared with the Apostle. The final registration forms will be attached. 


4. Final Registration:


Required forms: 3 forms will be included in the acceptance email. Parent/Guardian to print, complete and mail with the $35 fee no later than Monday, 4/10 to complete the registration. Delayed receipt may result in a loss of the Apostle's spot. 


The 3 required forms are:
     Apostle Registration Form 

     Permission form for Prep Retreat

     Permission form for Youthfest


Registration fees: $35 All-inclusive. Please include a check for $35 made out to NH Catholic Youthfest. This fee includes the Prep Retreat, T-shirt and Youthfest attendance. Youthfest Apostles will be automatically registered for Youthfest and do not need to be registered online with their parish group.


Attendance: The Prep Retreat is required. If missed, the teen will not be able to be a Youthfest Apostle. The collected fee will remain in place for Youthfest 2017 and the candidate would then attend as a parish group participant.


T-shirt: A Youthfest Apostles shirt will be provided to wear at Youthfest


Transportation: All transportation is the responsibility of the parish and/or parent/guardian




Mail forms and payment by 4/10 to:

(Copies should also be given to and retained by the parish group leader)

Diocese of Manchester

NH Catholic Youthfest

Attn: Maureen Haas

153 Ash Street

Manchester, NH 03105-0310

NOMINATION FORM: The Diocese of Manchester is collecting the Apostle Nomination Forms and Participant Information on behalf of NH Catholic Youthfest. Click below for the form and submission instructions.

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